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Expanding the field kitchen

Work continues this summer on expanding the field kitchen. For many years we've been happy pulling up a log seat and eating of our laps. We started putting some rough planks together to make small tables. This year we have a proper 14 seat table.

A trip to the local wood yard, having polished up my French. I know the lovely woman on the till speaks English pretty well, but she will always push me to talk in French! Back with the car laden with boards. A couple of days later and we have a lovely new field kitchen table. It's a simple table and makes a huge difference. Next I will have to make some benches.

As we expand the field kitchen we spend more and more time there. It's close to the treehouses, so there's loads of places for kids to play while parents get the fire pit going and the barbecue lit, then potter away preparing the days food.

We have also begun expanding the hazel fencing to better enclose the eating area, and give it a more secluded feel. Claire has her eye on an area overlooking the orchard for a yoga deck..! But that might have to wait until next year!

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