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And so we begin

My parents, Allan and Judy, bought the Moulin de Tingaud in 2007 as a place for our family to meet and have holidays together. At the time me, my 2 sisters and their families and my parents, were rather dispersed.

Since then, we have all enjoyed many happy times at the Moulin de Tingaud. We have settled into the local area, cycled, swum, read a lot of books, done a lot of shopping, sampled the many culinary delights it has to offer, drunk a lot of red wine, and tackled the large area of garden and woodland that surrounds the house.

As Tom and I take on the house, we would like others to share it with us. This helps us to keep it going for our family, and hopefully it will bring much pleasure to other families too.

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Hello Moulin people!

I love the pictures on the site - they really bring back good memories of our holiday at the mill. I think the experience that stays with me most is swimming along the leat with colourful butterflies flitting across the water and the sun casting ripple reflections under the bridge - I am back there now in my mind.....

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